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A collection of photographs of specimens that currently are, or at one time were in my personal collection. Enjoy!


Uraninite & Thucholite - Brignall Mine, Perry Sound, Ontario, Canada

Uraninite & Gummite Slice - Ruggles Mine, Grafton, Grafton, New Hampshire, USA

Skolodowskite - Musonoi Mine, Kolwezi Extension, Democratic Republic of Congo

Curite (orange), Fourmarierite (red), Metatorbernite (green) & Soddyite (yellow) - Shinkolobwe Mine, Katanga, Congo. Ex. G Gauthier collection.

Cuproskolodowskite - Musonoi Mine, Kolwezi Extenstion, Democratic Republic of Congo

Thorite - Kipawa Provincial Park, Quebec. Formerly in the collection of the Museum of Nature in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada


 Antique Uraninite (Pitchblende) Specimen - St. Joachimsthal/Jáchymov, Czech Republic