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Ludlum Model 3 Survey Meter

Ludlum Model 3 Survey Meter

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I purchased this survey meter in Feb 2023 with the intention of using it for mineral collecting. However, in between the time I purchased it, and the time I was able to take it out mienral collecting, I had already gotten my hands on a Model 14C, so this model 3 hasn't really seen any use from me asides from playing around with it a bit and checking it's functionality. 

I'm not sure when this was last calibrated, but it is in great working condition and ready to go with the addition of a probe. The battery compartment and gasket shows no signs of degradation, and really only shows some signs of cosmetic wear on the outside of the unit.

I'll test this item again before shipping to make sure everything is fully functional before I send it off to you. This listing is for the Model 3 survey meter as pictured and does not include any cables or probes.

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