Collection: Trinitite

Trinitite is a glassy material created from the heat of the world’s first Atomic Bomb blast, Trinity which occurred on July 16, 1945, at the Trinity Test Site as part of the Manhattan Project. Surrounding desert material was drawn up into the fireball, melted, and rained back down to the surface as a molten glass-like substance. Trinitite is very mildly radioactive due to the presence of fission products (mostly Cs137 as still detectible today), as well as extremely minute traces of the Plutonium used in the core of the device.

Above: Gamma spectrum using a Raysid FWHM <7% showing the peaks for Cs137, Eu152 & Am241.

This Trinitite specimen was originally collected in the early 1950s by Ralph Pray and was later procured by Derek Bowers in the early 2000s. This specimen is guaranteed to be authentic. Each specimen includes copies of the original signed authentication documents from Derek Bowers.