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I've been a Rockhound all my life, inheriting the interest from my late grandfather who was more into the Lapidary side of things, but also my uncle who was more of a specimen collector while also dabbling in gold & silversmithing. I've always been interested in the more uncommon aspects of the mineral hobby, focusing on such areas; fluorescent minerals, trilobites, carbonaceous chondrite meteorites, opal and finally the focus on this site, radioactive minerals.

The radioactive minerals have always been quite an interest of mine, and over time I have managed to accumulate quite a number. My collecting interests tend to change over time, so I am constantly moving pieces in and out of my collection, often selling pieces to fund the purchase of others. Given how sites like Etsy and Ebay aren't too friendly to those of us who like spicy rocks, I decided it was time to open my own site where I can buy, sell and trade these U & Th minerals with other enthusiasts.

So, please keep checking back as I will be adding new pieces whenever I get the chance. I am also interested in trades with any of the material listed on my site, or even some specimens I might be willing to pull out of my own collection. Feel free to reach out to me if you're interested in some swapping or if you have some material you're looking to sell too.

Please bear with me as some parts of the site are still under construction.



~RadMan Minerals