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3" Bicron BC412 Organic Gamma Scintillator (BNC Connection)

3" Bicron BC412 Organic Gamma Scintillator (BNC Connection)

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I purchased this Scintillator brand new from The Rad Lab about a year and a half ago for mineral prospecting. I've taken it out a few times, but I've managed to upgrade a lot of my detection equipment recently, so I won't really be using this one anymore. This unit has a BNC connector.

Info from The Rad Lab posting on ebay for this item:

This is a 3 inch Scintillation Detector designed for GAMMA Radiation Detection. This probe has been newly manufactured in the iRad shop and lab. It is just over 7 inches in length and weighs about 1 pound 4 ounces.

The Scintillator uses a Bicron/Saint-Gobain BC412 Polyvinyl Toluene & Organic Fluors Plastic Scintillator for Gamma Radiation Detection. The scintillator block measures 3 inch diameter by 2-1/4 thick, polished on all sides and coated with a specially formulated reflective coating before coupling to the PMT. The PMT is a high quality 3" Photomultiplier Tube, and includes a >100 MegOhm dynode chain allowing it to work easily with battery powered meters. After assembly the probe is encased in Black Polyolefin and is quite durable. The detectors are tested from 800v to 1200v, and run very well throughout that range of voltage. The detector can easily be swapped out with GM probes that also run at 900 volts without changing your HV settings (on meters that support scintillation detectors). I recommend this detector probe if you have a Meter with adjustable HV, like a Ludlum Model 3 and most all other Ludlum meters. 

Background here at sea level for these detectors is about 2000 to 2500 CPM at 900v. Pictures show detection of Cs137. The detector is shown operating on a Ludlum Model 18 at 900V, as calibrated on my Ludlum 500 Calibrator. The probe also runs perfect on my Ludlum Model 3, Model 12, Model 2241-2, Model 2200 Scaler, and Eberline RM-20 all at 800 - 1100v. Voltage requirements on your meter and specific probe may vary. Background may also vary in your area and with your instrument. Operating Instructions and directions for adjusting HV and Plateau of detector are included in the sale.


This detector can easily detect low levels of Gamma radiation. Since the detector probe is rugged and Non-Hygroscopic, it is great for mineral hunting and field use. More durable and lighter weight than a NaI(Tl) crystal detector of the same size. These detectors are great for counting applications and survey use, not intended for gamma spectroscopy.

Probe Dimensions:
Length: ~8.5 inches - 215 mm (not including connector)
Diameter: ~3 inches - 78 mm
Weight: ~1 lb 4 oz - 572 grams

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